Monday, June 04, 2007

Asian Noodles

Being part Japanese, I was heavily raised on tofu, noodles and vegetables. Without my grandma being able to cook now, and without my favorite childhood recipes; I am slowly trying to piece together and prepare these old dishes.

This dish was basically a stir fry with somen noodles instead of the rice and was more "soupy". The tofu was my trial of frozen tofu and it came out great. It completely gives it a different texture and taste. I'll have to have more frozen tofu adventures in the near future.


Amy said...

Id like to try out this recipe : ) looks yum! But frozen tofu? I didn't even know that existed!

stonielove said...
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stonielove said...

what a beautiful dish you created! i haven't tried to stir fry somen noodles - now that's clever :) i love tofu for its versatility! did you freeze your tofu, or did you use "frozen tofu (kori dofu)"? i found it fun to recreate dishes we had in the past :)

Carolann said...

Hi Stonie,

Thank you! I froze my tofu because I was constantly hearing how good it tastes when you freeze it. I've never heard of kori dofu, but I'll have to look into that ;)