Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Soy Jerky and Cuban Black Beans Over Rice

While shopping for some ingredients for the night’s dinner, I came across some vegan jerky that I had not seen before. Now, I've had vegan jerky before. Usually it's in a circular shape with what looks to be the texture of a fruit roll up (although much tougher). The jerky normally doesn't go well with me and I will end up feeling sick after eating it.

This jerky however looked a bit different and I want to go ahead and try it. Despite the interesting smell, the jerky was really good and had a good texture. I didn't get sick afterwards which is great news. The company is called, Tasty Eats. I had the Tandoori Chick'n flavored one, which was really quite interesting.

For dinner, I made Cuban Black Beans over rice with extra tomatoes. I put in jalapeños to make it extra spicy.

I was having trouble with the lighting for the camera, so you’ll have to excuse my images.


Anonymous said...

Yummy!! How did you get the rice to be so pretty?

Trish said...

OMG, i'm drooling.