Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spicy Forrest

Before I created this blog, one of my favorite Vegan Bloggers had this Spicy Buffalo Chick'n Wrap that I was dying to try. You can check out the Website here: Journey of a New Vegan .

I changed up the recipe a bit and created a Lettuce Wrap with Spicy Strips. My boyfriend called it the Spicy Forrest, hence the name. I used New Vegan's ranch recipe and I have to say, IT IS AMAZING! Everyone needs to try it out :)

Anyhow, here are the pics :)

This is the chick'n cooking in it's yummy sauce!

And here is the finished product!


amy said...

alright girly, you need to start listing the recipes :D

amy said...

I had to think about this one more time, because I thought this morning, that chicken thing carolann made looked good and then I thought waaaaaaaaait carolann doesnt eat chicken. So what is it?

Rene said...

Hey Amy,

The chick'n is actually Lightlife Chick'n strips. They're amazing! Try them out sometimes!